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east side!

Well, the move has come and gone. So the “living in my parent’s basement” jokes can come to an end (though I was usually the only one making them, and also I never actually live in the basement). All of my worldy positions fortunately fit easily into the back of a small U-Haul truck which Josh, Kristy and my parents helped me to unload pretty quickly and easily on a nice chilly, snowy Saturday morning. No injuries, arguments or broken items to report.

Sunday saw my first cooking attempt in my new pad, a good ol’ frozen pizza (likely the first of many to come) which my oven prepared quite nicely. I’ve yet to have any luck getting my internet setup thanks to the shady no-name internet company my apartment contracts with. Unfortunately my only alternative would be to get a phone line and order DSL, which would likely set me back at least $50 a month. Hopefully they’ll get it working in the next couple of days, though I am liking this free wireless internet here at the lovely new Twinsburg Public Library. Too bad they close at 8:30.

So now that the move is complete, I can look forward to many other new “grown up” things in my near future, such as my first utility bills, rent checks and inevitable maintenance calls. I can hardly wait…


2 responses to “east side!

  1. Andy December 14, 2005 at 1:39 pm

    Don’t forget about furnishings, decorations, buying your own groceries… You’ll definetely notice yourself shutting all the lights off in rooms that you aren’t in or using and watching how high you set your thermostat… Just wait for that first Heating bill…It could be worse… You could now have to pay for water, sewer, trash removal, HOA fees, property taxes, PMI (make sure when you buy a house you put 20% down… I know you will but just make sure you do what a wast of money!), and a new mortgage…

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