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your star is killing me

Had a very nice holiday weekend so I’m feeling pretty good to start the week. All of the family gatherings went by with no drama and were more enjoyable than expected. Spent a lot of quality time with friends and family, some of whom I had not seen in months. All of the shopping stress paid off as everyone seemed to enjoy their presents. I also picked up some nice stuff that will keep me occupied over the coming months, particularly gifts involving cooking, something which I am being strongly encouraged to take up (though I am proud to say that in the 2+ weeks I’ve been out on my own, I have yet to order pizza or chinese, or stop off for fast food). So I’m very happy to have all of that shopping and holiday headache behind me. I will not miss the crowds at all of the stores and having the need to buy things instead of just browsing.

I watched the documentary “Murderball” this evening which turned out to be pretty good. It’s about quadriplegics who play this crazy full-contact wheelchair rugby (also known as ‘Murderball’). Most of the film revolves around Team USA as they prepare for the Paralympics, to compete against 16 other countries. The film had a nice balance of personal stories and footage along with following the team’s progress. It did a nice job of not trying to put these guys on pedestals but rather showing them as real people with real struggles, having both their good and bad sides. I was a little worried when I saw it was produced in conjunction with MTV Films, but it was good stuff that reminded me how much I enjoy watching documentaries.


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