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a few hours to go

Just a few hours left in 2005. Nothing too exciting planned. Dinner out and heading over to a friend’s house for a bit. That is if the nasty cough I developed from my afternoon run clears up. Just when I start to convince myself that I don’t really have asthma, my body decides to send me a reminder.

The race itself went pretty well. I shaved 37 seconds off my previous (and only other) 5K time, finishing in 23:23. The course was a bit hilly, though not nearly as bad as the other 5K I ran before. I felt pretty good throughout the run and even afterwards, but within an hour after I developed a rather nasty sounding cough. Nothing really hurts, but it pains myself and others to listen to this cough. Oh well. I gave myself a good workout and had a fun time.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


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