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Resolutions for 2006

It’s not typical for me to actually write down new year’s resolutions even though I always come up with them. Usually I get really excited about working on resolutions and remember them for a couple of weeks before they quickly fade into the past. But this year I’m recording them and putting them out there for all to see, so I at least have the motivation of trying not to fail in front of all of my readers.

It’s not a big list and nothing is really much of a “stretch” goal. Just a few things to aim for in the coming months of 2006:

– Run 2 marathons.
– Run 1,000 miles for the year.
– Visit, on vacation, at least one new city outside of Ohio.
– See a game at a baseball stadium I have never been to.
– Go to more concerts.
– Blog more often!
– Read 12 (non-computer) books.
– Learn to cook “a few simple things”, and a few “not-so-simple things”.
– Go bike riding at least once a week when the weather is decent.
– Lose 10 pounds (you knew I had to have that obligatory one).
– Take a picture and post it online once a week.
– Be more patient.
– Be happy.

See, nothing too difficult. And besides the last two, all very concrete goals. Easily achievable.


One response to “Resolutions for 2006

  1. worstweatherever January 4, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    i like the resolutions! should be able to make progress on all of them. in fact, according to new psychological research, doing physicla activity can be a key to increasing your happiness level. i like the picture post one as well, that should be cool!

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