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is it still winter?

I was asking myself that question this week, especially yesterday when the temperatures here hit 60! That is unheard for Cleveland this time of year. But alas, I woke up this morning to see a winter wonderland outside. That’s right, a mere handful of hours after seeing the thermometer hit 60, we are now blanketed in a few inches of snow. We had barely seen any snow since before Christmas, but it made it’s return today, just in time for the weekend. So yeah, 60 degrees on a Friday doesn’t do me much good when I’m working all day. It couldn’t just wait another day to happen, or at least carry over just one more day?

The cold weather does get me in the mood to watch more videos, which I have been doing lately. Watched ‘Wedding Crashers‘ last night, which was pretty funny, though it really trailed off and dragged along during the second hour. And I know it’s a “feel good comedy”, but does the ending really need to be so cheesy? I also watched the Tim Burton remake of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ which was pretty entertaining. I read the book when I was young, so I hardly remembered it, and never bothered seeing the original movie, so I didn’t have any set expectations. It is a very strange movie and I’m not sure it is something I would want my kids to see (if I had any). Willy Wonka, played by Tim Burton, is just so bizarre. And the movie has a very creepy vibe to it.


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