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back in the saddle

Well, my cable modem from Alltel arrived yesterday and I was able to set it up within 20 minutes and rejoin the high-speed community. It’s good to be back. I can now once again download music, listen to streaming radio, and sit anywhere I want in my apartment without fear of dropping my connection. I was also able to get back online with Xbox Live and get out my aggression with a few bloody games of Halo 2. I also took literally 2 minutes to secure my wireless signal which it seems like 90% of people fail to do. So attention non-nerdy reader, you router may offer the best security in the universe, but if you don’t turn it on, it’s useless.

I also remembered that I failed to mention the fact that last Friday I registered for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, which I plan to run on May 7th (in case you don’t understand the name, it has to do with the old expression “when pigs fly”). I’m already in the second week of my training program and feel confident that I’ll be able to cross that finish line in under 4 hours this time, which is my goal. The training program is much tougher this time around, but I think it is really going to help me improve my speed and endurance.

– I’m very disappointed in the rumored trade by the Cleveland Indians of young star Coco Crisp to the Boston Red Sox. It will leave the Indians with one quality outfielder (Grady Sizemore) and seems to suggest that we are still “building for the future” instead of trying to win right now. It’s becoming painfully clear that owner Larry Dolan is not willing to put up the money to put a winning team on the field.


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