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so much silence

Haven’t been on here much lately. Was a little under the weather last week, with a pretty nasty cold. I’m not usually the type to get very sick, but the cold I got was pretty rough. I didn’t take any time off work, but I spent a lot of time in bed and put my marathon training on hold. I am almost back to normal besides a lingering cough.

Other than that, not much else going on besides hanging out with Walter, much of which involves watching him sleep. In regards to his name, I have always thought it cool when pets have old men names. The world needs fewer pets named Fluffly, or Spot or Baby. Instead we need more Walters, Bruces, and Garys. I will also admit that I like the name Walter thanks to the character of that name in ‘The Big Lebowski’, as played by John Goodman (as pictured). It’s still a bit weird for me since this is the first pet I’ve ever owned (besides a goldfish). But I am looking forward to a long life together. I just wish he would stay nice and small for a while.

I’ve held off confessing my recent addiction, but I think it’s time to admit it (since that is the first step to recovery). I’m addicted to Sudoku, a puzzle game from Japan that now appears in most U.S. newspapers. I had never heard of it until I was Christmas shopping and saw a book at the bookstore and noticed it was a topseller. I was intrigued and looked it up online, and quickly got hooked. They have helped to pass many slow hours at work over the past couple of months. You can try some out at Web Sudoku, a great free site to do the puzzles online.


2 responses to “so much silence

  1. worstweatherever February 8, 2006 at 4:29 am

    we were addicted to it for a good solid month since you got us that book. i also have found that site and have been all over it. we’re in a bit of a lull on it right now, but we were on it everyday for about 20 days straight

  2. Joshua Anderson February 9, 2006 at 2:38 pm

    Interesting. I got a book of Sudoku for Christmas but haven’t cracked it open yet. I may have to do that.P.S. Thanks for giving my boy Bruce his props…

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