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a rare agreement

In a rare act of defiance, the House voted today to add a provision to a bill to block the proposed sale of US ports to a foreign company. Rare indeed as in the 5 1/2 years that Bush has been president, Congress has yet to send him a bill that he has said he will veto, as he has said he will do with this one.

In a rare move for myself, I actually side with the Prez on this one. There is no valid reasoning for blocking such a sale. The politicians are just doing it because the American public is against it since Americans blindly distrust all Middle Eastern people. The ports are already owned by a British company, so the “we don’t want foreigners running it” argument is worthless. They’re singling out this company simply because they’re from the Middle East, specifically the United Arab Emirates.

What better way to mend fences with the Middle East than by putting our national xenophobia on grand display like this for the whole world to see? I’m sure Bush merely supports the sale because it’s good for Big Business, and not for any ethical reasons, but I’ll take what little I can get from him. How can Americans be so paranoid? I’m totally sure it’s just a big scheme by the country to get nukes and other weapons into our country via our seaports. Nevermind that all the security is done by our government. So it’s not like that is going to get any worse. If anything, it would get better since it’s gotten all of this new attention.

Way to go Congress. You finally sack up and challenge the Prez, but for the dumbest thing you could think of. How about you focus your attention on lobbying reform. Oh wait, that means no more free trips and gifts. That’s not fun, now is it?


2 responses to “a rare agreement

  1. worstweatherever March 9, 2006 at 4:48 am

    i agree with you and Mr. Danger 100% on this. its insane.

  2. Chuck March 9, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    Chuck Norris will round house kick Congress!

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