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great day for a game

Home opener
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Well, not really, but it was fun anyways. For the third straight year, I headed to downtown Cleveland for the Indians home opener at Jacobs Field. When I was a kid, I always thought it would be so much fun to go down there every year and help kick off the baseball season. And now that I’m an adult (debatable, I know) I am doing just that.

The game is always fun, as is the atmosphere and the ceremony of it all. Unfortunately, the weather never seems to cooperate, which I guess is to be expected in Ohio this time of year. Temperatures were a little higher this year (but by no means “high”), though the game was bookended by rain that somehow took a break for the duration of the game. There were also a couple of innings where the action was hard to follow because some very dense fog rolled in off the lake. Had I been in the lower level, I would have been worrying about a foul ball attacking me out of nowhere through the fog.

The game itself was a great one. They scored 2 runs in the first and never looked back. The highlight of the game was a grand slam by Casey Blake of all people. Not bad when the #9 guy in your lineup can pull that off. Travis Hafner also hit two home runs and the Indians won easily 11-6 over the Minnesota Twins. After losing last year, the Indians came back to put their home opener record with me in attendence back in positive territory at 2-1. Hopefully we can make it 3-1 next year.


One response to “great day for a game

  1. wwe April 8, 2006 at 4:50 am

    that game was awesome. watched it all on

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