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fun weekend

Lovely Day
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Well, the weekend is drawing to a close and it was a fun one. On friday evening, Kristy & I ventured out to Tremont (a popular “revitalized” neighborhood in Cleveland) for their monthly ArtWalk. It is basically a bunch of art galleries, studios and other area establishments that are open late serving food and refreshments and showing artwork from local artists. We probably looked around a dozen galleries before settling into Lava Lounge for a tasty dinner and some good drinks. The hummous at Lava Lounge I think has taken the title of my favorite (taking the crown from Aladdin’s), and their polenta lasagna was equally good. Washed it down with Bells Amber Ale, a great beer they had on tap from Kalamazoo, MI. Overall it was a fun night, and something we would do again. The next one is May 12th.

On Saturday, I took Walter back to the vet to see if the infection he had been diagnosed with last week had cleared up, and fortunately it had. He also got a thorough exam and all of his vaccines, so he’s good to go for a while. And it seems the the sneezing he’s had since I got him has finally gone away. Thank goodness.

Today, I was an early riser as I headed out for my last really long training run for the marathon, which is 3 weeks from today. The run actually went well this time and I managed to complete all 20 miles as I had planned. I wouldn’t say that it was easy, but I finished, and that’s the important thing. After returning home, I ate almost an entire pizza as I settled in to watch the Indians game (whose bats were silenced in a 1-0 loss in Detroit) and am now enjoying some others games on the last day of the free preview of MLB Extra Innings, the baseball lover’s dream cable package which shows at least 6 out of market games a day. Trying to rest my legs so they will hopefully be fully functional tommorrow and get me through the start of the work week.


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    mmmm bells amber is good

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