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Had a pretty fun weekend, which is hopefully the beginning of a trend now that the weather is much improved. Started off by getting out of work early on Friday for a party for a manager that was leaving. Since it was not a company sponsored event, people seem to have taken it upon themselves to drink more than they normally would. So there was quite a bit of “did he/she really just say/do that?” as I was seeing people in a different light. Always interesting.

Saturday night, Kristy and I headed down to the Grog Shop to check out The Books. They are a two piece band, guitar & cello, that play over electronic samples and various sound clips. Their performance was awesome. We showed up late and only had to sit through one opening band. While the show was not packed, it was still pretty crowded. Even though the show was good, I was reminded of why I don’t go to many anymore. It was very ironic that a group of three people behind us were getting upset with a drunk guy that occasionally shouted stupid things, yet they ended up talking through most of the set. I’d rather endure the occasional drunken outburst than be subjected to constant chatter throughout a performance.

Sunday afternoon I got in a 10 mile run, my last long one before next Sunday’s marathon. Sunday night, I headed down to Jacobs Field with a few friends to take in my third Cleveland Indians baseball game of the season. It was a late start, 8:05pm, because it was the ESPN game of the week. It looked promising until late in the game when they gave up 6 runs in an inning which was too much to come back from. But it was fun nonetheless as we had excellent seats directly behind the Indians dugout. Plus it was dollar hot dog night, of which I limited myself to 2. The guy next to us literally came down with a box of them, of which I think he managed to eat 5 or 6 himself. I think the final numbers were 22,000 in attendance, and 35,000 dogs eaten. The ones they sold in the bleachers must have been soaked in beer, because the fans out there were very rowdy all night. While it’s one thing to get into the game, it seemed like they had their own little world out there that was only remotely connected to the game being played on the field.


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