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the long ride home

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Just got back last night from a five day trip out to Missouri. Kristy & I flew into Kansas City to meet up with our friends for what will likely be my last visit to KC since they are moving away in a month. It was the typical KC trip with BBQ and baseball and a little relaxing. I got to see my second favorite baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals, crush the hapless Kansas City Royals. There were plenty of Missouri’s finest there that evening, averaging about a six pack a piece. I wonder how much was drank by the guy who ran out onto the field in just his boxers.

After a few days in KC, we picked up a rental car and drove out to St. Louis to visit my family, including my brother. It was my first visit back since I had helped him move there, and he seems to have settled in well. We ate way too much and listened to more than our share of Howard Stern (my brother is a huge fan). We also visited the Gateway Arch, which I had been to a couple of times but was a first for Kristy. It’s always fun to visit, except for the ride to the top in these tiny “pods”.

I got in late but being as stingy as I am with my vacation days, I went into work this morning, so I’m a bit tired at the moment. Not to mention the fact that my cat won’t leave my side since I got home. He spent 10 minutes licking my face when I got home last night. I guess it’s not so bad to know that someone missed me while I was gone.


One response to “the long ride home

  1. ANDY May 24, 2006 at 8:27 pm

    Don’t know if you watch Deal or No Deal but they had a Red Hawk on Monday Night and Roethlesberger was on to help the guy out… pretty cool if your a red hawk/ steeler fan

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