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plug in and run

Erik pointed out to me today the new joint venture between Apple and Nike. It’s a new wireless adapter that you can plugin to your iPod Nano and collect data from a small chip put in your Nike running shoes and can display and record your running data on your iPod. The info displays in real-time on your iPod, and you can later download the data onto your computer and track your runs.

I have really wanted something like this for a while. The best product like this out on the market today, the Garmin Forerunner, is a GPS-based device that runs about $200. This new device, which is being called the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, will only run $30. Obviously a bargain, though adding in $100 for some new Nike running shoes and another $200 for the iPod Nano makes it less attractive. Nike running shoes have never been a big hit with “serious” runners, though this is definetely a good way to try to secure some market share in the more casual runner crowd (like myself).

I might consider picking this up at some point if I find a pair of Nike shoes I like, and the price of an iPod Nano hopefully drops a bit. The $30 price tag concerns me a bit though, as it seems too cheap, and makes me wonder how accurate the sensor will be. One definite concerning thing is that the battery in it is not replaceable, though at that price I guess it’s not a dealbreaker. I will definetely keep an eye on this once it comes out and the initial reviews come in. The running audience is very fickle and if this device is even the slightest bit inaccurate, you can bet that it will be gathering dust on store shelves.


One response to “plug in and run

  1. Erik Holmberg May 30, 2006 at 12:13 pm

    I’m not sure why they didn’t make this portable to all iPods, although I think they will eventually move in that direction.I was looking at the 2GB refurbished Nano for $169 on thing that was confusing me was on the products page, where they show all the Nike+ shoes. You can preorder one pair, which says comes out July 13th, but you can’t preorder some of the other shoes, which come out July 1. Weird.

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