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a million reasons to vote

I was amused to read that Arizona voters will likely be voting on a proposal this fall that would award one random voter $1 million dollars after each election. The money would be taken from the state’s unclaimed lottery money. The aim of the measure is to increase voter turnout. Seems like a good idea to me. Some might argue that it would bring out a bunch of voters who have no clue about the candidates or the issues. Well, since when is that a new thing? Need I remind you who we just re-elected as our President?

I think a little incentive might help spur voter turnout. It’s not like Americans are opposed to the idea of voting. Just look at ‘American Idol’. There were 63.4 million votes cast last week, more votes than any U.S. President has ever received. I don’t think we could ever make politics as interesting to the Average Joe as something so important and socially relevant as ‘American Idol’. So why not resort to giving people the chance to win a million bucks?


One response to “a million reasons to vote

  1. ANDY May 30, 2006 at 1:33 pm

    If you got to vote as many times as you wanted for your presidential candidate in 4 hours I’m sure that their numbers would be larger.

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