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here comes tomorrow

This week is turning out to be a busy one for myself. I feel like I’m sort of putting the present on hold for a few days in order to enjoy one last bit of the past. My parents sold the only home I’ve known a couple months back, and will finally be moving out and moving on this coming Monday. While many people I know moved quite frequently when they were growing up, this house has been what I have referred to as “home” for all of my 27 years, even now as I live out on my own.

While spending my last few days in the house will bring back one last flood of memories of growing up, I will also be enjoying time with my parents who are packing up and heading off to the St. Louis area to join my brother and the rest of their family that lives there. I will be the last of my relatives to be left in Ohio. My parents realized that I don’t plan to stay here forever, and they didn’t want to end up being left here alone, so they’re moving to be close to the rest of their family, which I can understand. It’s just going to be a big adjustment to have them living a 10 hour drive away instead of a half hour.

So it looks like St. Louis is the big holiday traveling destination for me, just like it was when I was growing up. But at least I get to see all of my family in one spot instead of having to travel all over the place. Now the only question is when will I jump ship and abandon Ohio? Not even I know the answer to that one. Not yet.


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