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getting sirius

Well, at least I’m thinking about hopping aboard the sattelite radio trend. I’m not a huge Howard Stern fan (Sirius’ biggest attraction), but I usually enjoyed his show on the occasions when I used to tune in. The main problem is that local radio in Cleveland sucks…really bad. For a while I was on the NPR bandwagon, but I can take only so much news on Iraq & Iran before I want to scream. And my threshold for Middle East news has quickly dropped in proportion to how much coverage has gone up, which is a lot.

The only station I find listenable music-wise, the new 92.3 K-Rock, has “Rover’s Morning Glory” in the mornings, which has gotten progressively worse over time, especially after going “semi” national to replace Stern, and rumor has it will disappear soon. And on the drive home, 92.3 just brought back Opie & Anthony which makes me laugh at times, until they drop in the totally unneccessary racial slurs and various bigoted remarks.

As for my iPod, I listen to it a lot at work now, and haven’t found myself updating it as much so a lot of the music is getting a bit stale. With Sirius, I have found there to be a number of good stations playing “modern rock” and other stuff I would like, along with all the talk radio options (including a bunch of NPR stuff). You can check it out online by signing up for a 3 day trial to listen online to many of their stations. Given the amount of time I spend in my car each day (well over an hour), I don’t think 43 cents a day in that much.


One response to “getting sirius

  1. Kelly June 14, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    hey there :)jose and my sister each have sirius and swear by it — both for different reasons. . .my sister loves the “coffee house” and left of center” music stations while jose’s sister is a die hard stern fan. . .so, i would be interested to hear your feedback if you go through with italso — we had been meaning to get back to you about “sushi night” at paws. . .i am not sure whether that was a one time thing to introduce customers to the new sushi chef or maybe a seasonal event — either way, we will be sure to let you know in advance the next time we hear something!PS – Going to any shows anytime soon??

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