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rather ripped

One of my top 5 favorite bands, Sonic Youth, released their new album ‘Rather Ripped’ today. The album is the band’s 20th studio album released in their 25 year history. I know it sounds very cliche, but this band has gotten better and better with age. Sure, they weren’t at the top of their game in the early 90s, but you’re allowed to put out a few duds here and there.

The new album is certainly not a dud. I have not gotten to listen to it much yet, but I really like what I hear. Their previous album, ‘Sonic Nurse’, was one of their best albums to date, and I think this new one might give it some competition. The album is the first in a few years with the original lineup now that famous producer-turned-musician Jim O’Rourke has left the band.

Fortunately for us here in Cleveland, Sonic Youth usually make it a point to stop by our city when on tour. I have been fortunate enough to seem them twice in the past few years, at both the now closed Odeon in the Flats, and at Tower City Amphitheater along with Wilco, which was a really, really good show. This time they are part of the big Kuyahoga Festival at Blossom on August 3rd. The festival is being put on by radio station 92.3 who is bringing together a bunch of bands that strangely receive little to no airplay on their station. But I’m not going to complain. Being able to see SY and the greatest live band ever, The Flaming Lips, at the same show should be an excellent time.

The new album, ‘Rather Ripped’, can be streamed in it’s entirety at the band’s website here.


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