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running through the OC

Last night, Kristy & I headed down to Ohio City for the inaugural Ohio City Run & Crawl 5K. I was expecting to see low attendance since it was a first year event, but I was pleasantly surprised to see just over 300 runners were participating. The weather was great, as the 7pm start let it cool down a bit from the day’s hot temperatures.

I am pleased to report that I ran my best 5K time to date (not hard seeing as how it is only the 3rd one I have run in) of 21:15, a 6:51/mi pace. That’s just a few seconds shy of beating the pace from my first 5K by a full minute. So I was pleased with my performance. They finally posted the results online this evening, and I was surprised to see that I placed 21st overall out of 306 runners, and I was 7th out of 30 runners in the men’s 20-29 division. And surprisingly, I even beat the women’s winner who came in 13 seconds behind me.

Afterwards, we headed around the corner to McNulty’s Bier Markt, the 5K’s main sponsor who were giving a free beer to all runners. Normally I’m not down for drinking after running, but I wasn’t feeling too bad, so I was happy to take it.

Next, we walked down the block a few more doors to The Old Angle Tavern for some food. We were seated by the owner who carried in a table from the basement to seat us since it was pretty crowded. I enjoyed a very tasty Falafel sandwich and really liked the place. Well, except for the service. Things got busy and we (and a number of other tables) seem to have been forgotten. So good food, nice atmosphere, but bad service. Seems like the same story for lots of the new places I try out lately.


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