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detroit rock city

Headed off on a brief trip to Detroit, Michigan tomorrow for a wedding. I’m not a big wedding guy, so for me it’s more of a people watching thing than anything else. It’s usually amusing to watch a bunch of people and what they will do when alcohol is free. And while watching them, I wonder who will be “that guy” at my wedding if I ever get married. You know, the one who takes the drinking to another level and becomes the center of attention (for all of the wrong reasons).

This weekend, I also made plans for another trip to Detroit this coming October. That trip will be of a different sort, as I will be going to run in the Detroit Marathon. Yes, I registered for it this weekend so that I could secure the “early bird” registration discount. So for now, the plan is to make Detroit marathon #3. There is still a (small) chance that I might run the Akron Marathon again this year, as they are a month apart and I feel I could adequately recover in that time period.

The reasons for choosing Detroit? Well, the top reasons are the location, time of year, and the flatness of the course. It’s only about a 3 hour drive, it’s in the fall when I think I’ll be ready for one, and the course is very flat. I am really interested in running a flat course since my first two marathons were hilly, so I’m very curious to see what sort of impact that will have on my time. I’ve read good things about Detroit. Going across the border into Canada and ending at the 50 yard line of the Ford Field football stadium make it sound rather interesting.

The race is on October 29th, so I’m right at that four month mark right now. So it’s time to get training!


One response to “detroit rock city

  1. wwe July 3, 2006 at 5:54 pm

    good luck dude! 2:35 is within reach

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