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not my cup

With each passing week, I’m realizing more and more that Sundays suck. Yes, it is a day when I don’t have to work (which is a good thing), but every Sunday for me seems to start off with so much promise and potential, and by the time Sunday night rolls around, I realize that I accomplished very little (if anything) that I had wanted to do.

Today I gave the World Cup another chance seeing as how it was the championship game. So I was sort of like that non-sports fan that checks out the Super Bowl each year to see what the hype is all about. And of course, I was disappointed yet again. The game ended in a shootout, which is such a cheap way to end a hard fought game. A guy stands like 20 feet from the goal, and gets to shoot on this huge net that the goaltender has no defense other than to pick a side to dive towards and hope that his body may somehow make contact with the ball. At least 9 times out of 10, he fails and the other team scores. The only reason a team won today was because someone on the French team hit the post with his kick. It seems like such a waste to end a game like this. I could probably make a goal given that chance. It takes a game of skill and turns it more into a game of chance. So, being the open-minded indivdual I am, I gave soccer another chance today. But it failed once again to make a fan of me.

I am somewhat looking forward to starting my marathon training tomorrow. I did not run much this week, mostly because of a lack of motivation. Despite the very encouraging progress I am seeing with my runs and races, I’m just not feeling the running right now. Hopefully that will change now that I’m actually in a training program again.

Also checked out the Brew Kettle this weekend, a brewery/bar in Strongsville, OH. I really liked it, though it’s too bad it has taken me so long to find it now that I live nowhere close to it now. They have a constantly rotating cast of about 24 beers on tap, none of which are anything most people have heard of. I enjoyed one of their own brewed Ringneck Hefe Weizen (a Belgian-esque beer), and a Strongbow Cider, which tastes like a really good apple cider. I really liked it, and one of the guys we went with had their Pulled Pork Sandwich (a favorite sandwich of mine which I unfortunately skipped because I had eaten earlier) which Scene magazine called the best in Cleveland, and my friend completely agreed. I look forward to trying it out my next time through.


One response to “not my cup

  1. ANDY July 11, 2006 at 1:49 pm

    You’ll never understand it then. All of the pressure that rides on that 1 kick. The goal shrinks when you are standing there. I have taken a few PKs in shootouts and yes I missed one in the semi final in college. The keeper saved it. I’ve made plenty too. But it is actually a pretty cool thing to go through as a player.

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