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putting the days to bed

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been a bit busy. I’m sure you, my small handful of readers, have been hanging on edge to see how the move went. Well, I’m happy to say things have gone pretty well. Ask me that the day or two following the move, and I would have had a different answer for you. But this week was good.

The highlights of the move:

– Rain and humid weather during most of the truck packing
– Being unable to get a large computer desk out the door and not having the tools to take it apart.
– Driving the U-Haul truck literally .2 miles, filling it up, only to find the truck would not start. After two jump starts, we managed to get it rolling (adding onto the 171,000+ miles already put on the truck)
– Waiting nearly an hour and a half for a pizza delivery

And the following days only got worse as we realized we had more stuff than space. Also, a number of pieces of furniture ended up breaking and having to be thrown out and subsequently replaced. Also, mail is apparently still being delivered to the old address despite a call to the post office where they acknowledged having received the change of address notification two months ago but could not explain how it was not being enacted.

But all is not bad. The cats seem to get together OK. They chase after each other a lot and roll around fighting, but it seems to be more playful than hateful (which is always good). We have managed to maximize our storage spaces and things are quietly disappearing from sight. We’re still getting used to everything, but it seems like things will be alright in the end. We are planning to have people over next weekend, so the last things will most likely get picked up, organized and put away this weekend. Then hopefully things will get back to normal.


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