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as days grow shorter

The last few weeks have been a blur. It seemed like every day and every night there was something going on. Concerts, weddings, dinner plans, gatherings, etc. Now as summer is starting to wind down, things seem to be getting back to a more normal (and manageable) pace.

After not going to many concerts this year, all of a sudden I found myself attending three in just over a week. First was the Black Crowes show at Tower City Ampitheater, which I hit up with my friend who is a huge fan. The show was alright. I hadn’t listened to them in about 10 years, so I only recognized the songs from back in the day, which were still good. After that was the big Kuyahoga Festival at Blossom. Despite a lengthy downpour (which is not fun if you’re cheap and sit on the lawn), I had a good time with the highlight being seeing the Flaming Lips for the 4th time (and they were better than ever). Then a few days later, I joined a friend for the sold-out Raconteurs show at the House of Blues, that blew away my expectations. That Jack White can play seem mean guitar.

Besides that, I’ve been out and about seeing a lot of people (which is atypical for me, the recluse). Went to an awesome wedding this weekend of two high school friends. It’s very refreshing to go to a wedding that does nothing by the book. I can only hope that if that day comes for me that I can have something that other people can enjoy as much as I enjoyed this one.

Still doing the running thing. Last week I passed the 500 mile mark for the year. While I’m well behind pace for the 1,000 miles I had hoped to achieve this year, I’m happy with where I’m at. I’ve also back into following the Cleveland Indians. While it’s disappointing that they had to unload a bunch of talented players, it is kind of exciting and refreshing to see the younger guys out there playing their hearts out. Went to the game last Thursday with a big group, sat in the bleachers, and had a great time. I’m going to try to hit up a few more before the season is over.


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