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clock with no hands

Spent my Saturday doing laundry, eating junk food, playing college football on the Xbox 360, and watching college football on TV. Not bad, except for the laundry part. Living in an apartment without my own washer/dryer sucks. There is one downstairs in our building, but despite there only being 7 other apartments in the building, it seems to constantly be in use. So I usually end up going down the street to the apartment’s laundry center, which features four washers and four dryers. Of course the first visit there was only one open washer. So I proceeded to do my laundry, one slow load at a time. At one point, I returned just in time to find my still warm laundry sitting on top of the dryer as I must have missed the buzzer by a minute or so. So I had to start another load in the washer and let one sit for 50 minutes until another dryer was available. Apartment life sucks.

So, in the two weeks I’ve been away, not too much has gone on. I spent Labor Day weekend in St. Louis visiting my parents new place for the first time. It was nice, and much bigger than I expected. I think they are still getting used to living out there (having been in Ohio the past 32 years), but hopefully they will be happier in their decision to move by the next time I go to visit. I also spent time with other relatives and enjoyed quality time relaxing on the couch, watching really bad TV (“Project Runway“, “Bridezillas“, “Top Chef“). All in all, it was a nice break from the routine.

On the work front, I got to go to the zoo for a teambuilding exercise which involved a large scavenger hunt. It actually turned out to be more fun that I had expected. There were about 16 groups of 7 or 8 people, and unfortunately my team was not one of the winners. I also failed to win any of the supernice door prizes they gave away just for coming, such as iPod Nanos, gift certificates, portable dvd players, and the grand prize of a premium Xbox 360. Maybe next year.

As far as running, I’ve been slacking a bit as of late. Not very good considering I’m closing in on the marathon, which is now less than 2 months away. Tomorrow morning I get to roll out of bed early and head out to Berea to participate in the River Run half-marathon. It should be a good measuring stick of where I’m at with my running. I have not run a half-marathon since April 1, so hopefully I will be able to see improvement over that time.

No commenting on current events for me, as I’m pretty fed up with the news as of late. I hate that we now seem to spend almost an entire month building up to the 9/11 anniversary every year. Yes, it was a horrible tragedy, but I do not want to hear the same heartbreaking stories every time I turn on the TV or radio this time of year. Nor do I want to hear every so-called expert saying how we are better or less prepared for the inevitable next attack. Just acknowledge it on the day, and let’s move on.


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