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wincing the night away

I’m enjoying finally being able to sit still today. I was up before the sun this morning for the River Run Half Marathon out in Berea. It was a 13.1 mile run from Berea to Rocky River via the Metroparks. I managed to get a personal best time of 1:40:45, though the race was tough for me and I was not happy with how it went. I posted a detailed race review here on my running blog. Just goes to show I have a lot of hard work to do these next 7 weeks leading up to the Detroit Marathon.

After a long drive home, I cleaned up, ate some lunch and we headed out the door for the quick drive over to Geagua Lake amusement park. My employer rented the place out today, so it was just open to employees and their families. I had not been there in probably at least 10 years, and it was pretty much an entirely different place than when I had last been. There were a lot of people there it seemed, until you went to get in the line for a ride. I think the longest wait I had was 10 minutes.

The best ride at the park, in my opinion, is X-Flight. It is like no other coaster I have ever rode on, and I have rode more than my share. It’s like sitting in a seat, except you’re facing backwards. And if that was not enough, when the ride begins, your backwards seat is lowered so that you are laying flat on your back looking up at the sky, going backwards. The ride features many twists and turns, including a number of sections where you’re turned over, facing the ground, with only your harness between you and the grass. It’s a pretty amazing ride that I would count in my top 3.

I came home and found I missed nothing by not watching the Cleveland Browns game, as it sounded pretty pathetic. I know New Orleans drafted a great player in Reggie Bush, but that just means they were even worse than us last year, yet still beat us this year. Looks like it is going to be yet another long year for the Brownies. Fortuntely, things are looking up for Notre Dame, my college favorite, who pounded Penn State this weekend. Hopefully they can keep it up and get their revenge on Ohio State in January, though I doubt OSU will last until then.


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