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Movie Review – "The Last Kiss"

Tonight we went up to the local movie theatre and watched the new movie “The Last Kiss“. The movie is based on an Italian movie from a few years ago, that no one has heard of (self included). The basic premise is the almost 30 year old main character, played by Zach Braff, is in a seemingly perfect long-term relationship. But all is not perfect as he sees his life rolling out before him just as he had always thought it would, realizing that there were no more surprises to be had in life.

So what does he do? He goes out and finds a little excitement, in the form of another women. Meanwhile, the other characters in the movie (his friends and family) are having their own messy relationships that are falling apart in various manners. It’s a little bit like watching assorted trainwrecks, though there is not much attachment to the characters since we just get brief snippets of their world.

Without giving away the entire plot, I will say that it takes a number of familiar turns that one would expect from a Hollywood picture. I can only hope that the original had a little more emotion and unpredictableness than this thing did. The love interest is a dumb college girl that you are left wondering how the main character fell for her. And the other characters in the movie are just one dimensional. I didn’t really dislike the movie, but I just did not find it saying anything new or different. Thankfully I caught it on bargain Monday night, where $5 got my ticket and free popcorn. Gotta love that. 


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