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the future is not over?!

While my previous post was to honor the memory of the recently departed, this post is to spread the rumor that it may soon return from the dead a second time.

On Tuesday, someone by the name of Bill Nguyen posted this message on the WOXY message board:

“Hey folks, we’d like to save woxy. You can learn more about us at, but we’re very well funded and humbled by the great work the people here have done. Please tell the fab four at woxy to contact us.”

Of course, that post alone is no reason for one to get their hopes up. But since then, Mr. Nguyen has posted at least a dozen other messages, including this one, which lays out a very detailed and ambitious plan for the station. Apparently he has been in touch with the station’s operators, and is even planning to fly in and hold an open forum to meet with them and fans in Cincinnati this Monday. He has said he wants to get the station back on air ASAP (as in a week from now) and make it totally free once again.

I, like many others, am not quite sure what to make of this. It is all very odd that this whole thing started as a post on a message board just a few days ago. It’s like it’s too good to be true. So I guess I’d put myself in the camp of the “cautiously optimistic” at the moment. I’m very anxious to see if this gathering on Monday night in Cincy takes place, and what comes out of it.

As for Mr. Nguyen, he is apparently the founder of, which is a website for people to get together and swap CDs (yes, actual CDs) by mail. Sounds strange, especially in this era of downloadable music, but apparently it is growing in popularity.

So for now, I guess we shall just wait and see what becomes of this. If it turns out like it sounds, this would be quite an amazing development for ol’ WOXY.

UPDATE: (9/26) – It now appears to be official that WOXY will be back on the air by (possibly) next week! Read here for the details. Hooray for reincarnation and strangers with lots of money!


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