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can’t always get what you want

Today I got to experience one of the many joys of apartment life – noisy neighbors. We have a middle-aged lady in the apartment directly below us who still enjoys rocking out every now and then. Her album of choice? Some live Rolling Stones. We almost never hear her, but when she decides to play music, she turns it to about 11 to where you can very clearly hear every note and word sitting in our apartment, and stepping out in the hall sounds like you are actually at the concert, so I can hardly imagine how loud it is actually inside her apartment.

We have called and complained in the past, but today was the best. First, the guy from the rental office came over and pounded on the door for about 5 minutes, with no results. He tried to call her then, but her phone number is disconnected, imagine that. Then, about 15 minutes later, the head maintenance guy came over and literally pounded on her door (and yelled ‘Maintenance’) for a few more minutes. The lady never answered the door, but did turn the music down a bit, so apparently she is not totally deaf. The maintenance guy then called me to say he will call the head of the apartment complex tomorrow and they will deal with her. I don’t know what that entails, but hopefully it will mean the end of free Stones concerts in my apartment.


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