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Five things

I was tagged by James, so here is my attempt at compiling five things about myself that (most of) you don’t know about me:

– Despite being a big computer nerd, I actually minored in Business Management in college and am planning to return to college to pursue my MBA as early as this fall.

– If you count the first job I technically had after college (a stint at the now defunct Arthur Andersen in which I never actually spent a day at work, yet was paid several months salary), I am on my 4th job in a little over 5 years. Some of it, obviously, was bad luck and the other part is the fact that I’m a malcontent who always sees the grass greener on the other side.

– Prior to starting to run marathon in 2005, I despised distance running. In 8th grade, I was the fastest sprinter on the team, and only ran the shortest distances possible (100m, 200m, 4x100m relay) and complained about any running that I had to do beyond that distance. Despite my success, I only ran the one year because I didn’t enjoy it and all the training that went with it.

– Since many people might consider me to be somewhat of a music snob, it should be surprising to hear that the first concert I went to was to see soft-rock radio favorites the Moody Blues at Blossom Music Center way back in the early 90s when I was 13 or 14. My brother’s friends had an extra ticket and swung by to see if he was interested, which he wasn’t, so I got to tag along instead. It was awesome.

– I am a huge baseball fan and hope to one day attend a game in every major league stadium. So far, I’ve seen games in 9 different stadiums (Cleveland (2), Detroit (2), Cincinnati, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City), 4 of which are no longer in operation.

I tag Will, Ken, Josh, Erik, Kelly & Jose.


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