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digging out

I realized today that almost an entire month has gone by since I last posted. So I figured I should let the 10 or so readers that I have know that I am still alive. Despite the time that has passed, I don’t have any really exciting stories to share. There are about 2 feet of snow on the ground outside that I cannot wait until it disappears. During my 2 1/2 hour drive home on Tuesday evening, I questioned again why I stay here, only to realize that I’ll probably be around a few more winters, at the least.

I’ve also gotten back into the running thing. So for everyone who thought it was just a passing interest, it’s not. Well, at least not for now. At this time though, I am not planning on running any marathons this year. After doing 3 last year, I’m kind of over the whole “running a marathon for the sake of running a marathon” thing. I’ve proved that I can do it, and I don’t see the point in doing another one until I can push myself harder. While the original goal was to get under 4 hours, after doing that in the last 3, it’s time to raise the bar. So for now, I’m sticking to shorter races and will just see how I feel about doing any more in the future.

So for now, I only have one race on my calendar that I am registered for. The Columbus Distance Classic, a half-marathon I ran last year in Columbus, that goes down on April 14. I signed up for it a few months ago, though now I almost wish I had not. After coming down with a nasty bout of stomach flu last month, which led me to take almost 2 weeks off from running, I really haven’t gotten back into a good running groove. I can get the miles done no problem, just not with very good speeds. I hope I can get into gear in the next month or so, but it looks at this point like my time might end up slower than last years, which doesn’t make me very happy.


One response to “digging out

  1. Andy February 20, 2007 at 5:40 pm

    Cleveland is having a Swim, Bike, and Run Race… It’s in August but I can’t recall the name of it… They have different levels… The Sprint (the shortest) is 300 meter swim in Lake Erie followed by 10 mile bike ride and finishing off with a 3 mile run…

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