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four more years!

Last night the future Mrs. and I went out to celebrate four years together. It’s a little odd to think of being together that long, seeing as how we have friends that are married, some of whom even have kids, that have been together less time than us. But we are both happy with the pace our relationship has moved along at, and in a little over a year we will at last be married.

So to celebrate, we went out to dinner at Moxie in Beachwood, OH. It was our first time there, after hearing many great things about it, and we were not disappointed. The large open dining room is very tastefully decorated and despite being crowded, it was not overly loud. Also, the kitchen is in plain view of the dining room, though thankfully there was no shouting like there are at many restaurants that have this setup. The menu is limited, with a handful of seafood options and a handful of meat options. I went with the roasted pacific halibut which was excellent. Kristy got the blue crab and artichoke, which she really enjoyed. For desert, we chose the baked hot chocolate, which was quite possibly one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I’m not entirely sure what all was involved, but it was served in a mug and it seemed to be a very rich chocolate cake on the inside with a cream poured over it, with whipped cream and seasoning on the top. Very very good. I’m lucky we made it home because I felt a food coma coming on.

We got home in time for the start of the Cavs game, of which I could only make it through the first half before calling it a night. They didn’t look bad, but Tim Duncan and Tony Parker looked very good. I sometimes forget how good Duncan is, until I see a game like that. I got a bad feeling when the Spurs made that 3-pointer to close out the first half, and unfortunately it turned out not to be the Cavs night. But hey, we lost the first two against Detroit, and look how that turned out for us. Now we have to wait until Sunday for game two because the NBA is stupid and drags out the playoffs so incredibly long.


One response to “four more years!

  1. cattv September 6, 2007 at 2:41 am

    congrats on the engagement! =)

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