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A week to go

Yesterday I finally registered for the Akron Marathon. I usually like waiting until the last minute for stuff like that in case an injury were to pop-up, but now I’m only about 3 runs away from completing my training, the longest of which is only 8 miles since I’m in “taper” mode. I would wait until the expo the night before to sign-up, except the price goes up $20 for waiting until then.
As you can see above, the current forecast (which from 8 days out isn’t much better than a guess) is a low of 53 degrees and sunny. I’d prefer a bit cooler and not-so-sunny, but I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. The race starts at 7am, so it will still be pretty cool at the start, and I guess the fact that it might get up to 70 degrees is an incentive to try to finish earlier, before it gets hot.
Although I’ve been training for the race for months, I haven’t really gotten excited/anxious about it until the last few days. I just need to try to get a lot of sleep this week, eat my carbs (and not as much of everything else, since my training miles are reduced), and try not to worry too much about the hills. I’ve decided to put off buying ‘Halo 3’ until after the race, otherwise I’d be a zombie on race day from too many late nights in front of the TV. Let’s hope the race is worth it.


One response to “A week to go

  1. Josh Anderson September 21, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    SISSY!!!BUY HALO 3!!!!THE ZANZIBAR SNIPER WILL RETURN!!!Yes, I needed to shout.

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