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lazier than usual sunday

A special thanks to Trot Nixon for breaking the tie last night and leading the Indians to a 13-6 win over Boston, and allowing me to finally go to bed around 1:40am this morning. I sat around for 5+ hours and watched about 95% of the game (I nodded off a bit through parts of the 8th & 9th innings). These marathon playoff games are wearing me down. Last Friday, I was at the Indians 11-inning victory over the Yankees, and it was honestly a very physically and emotionally draining game. For almost all of the last 2 hours, we were on our feet, clapping, cheering and yelling, usually to seemingly no avail, at least when the Indians were batting. But I did get a second wind once they won the game, which helped me to survive the crush to get on the RTA train back to where we parked.

I’m anticipating a rough week coming up, With games Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night, I don’t think there is going to be much sleep to be had. Though I’m not one to complain when the excitement of an Indians win makes it hard to fall asleep.


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