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Monthly Archives: February 2008

home sweet home

Long time no see. Things have been a little busy lately. Three weeks ago today, I made an offer on a house. Three very busy weeks later, I closed the deal and got the keys today. It was very surreal today to watch the realtor leave and realize I was alone in my own house. We had our first meal together in the house tonight, made another trip to our new most visited store, Home Depot, and got things ready to start doing some painting tomorrow. Moving day is in a week, so we have lots of packing and tidying up to do in the next few days. It feels good to know we are now putting money towards a house instead of sinking it into apartment rent. I realize that all of the real estate news on TV these days is doom and gloom, but we weren’t looking to time the market. Getting married later this year, we wanted to be settled in a house first, and we came across this house and both loved it. And we don’t plan on moving anytime soon. Hopefully not for a long time to come.