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A few weeks back I was at Borders wandering aimlessly, trying to figure out how to spend a gift card from a couple Christmases ago. Ultimately, I ended up in the cookbook section and stumbled across the new cookbook from the Food Network’s Ellie Kreger, The Food You Crave. She is sort of the “healthy” cook on the Food Network, and since I’m always looking to eat a little better, I checked it out and saw some recipes that seemed easy enough that I could handle, given my slightly-better-than-beginner cooking skillz.

So today, I finally got serious and picked out 3 recipes and wrote down the ingredients on my shopping list and picked them up on my trip to the local Acme in Hudson. Tonight was recipe attempt #1, the Fettuccine with Creamy Red Pepper Sauce. After getting over my frustration that the jar of red peppers were not completely de-seeded, and the fact that I didn’t know how to operate Kristy’s food processor, things went pretty smoothly and we agreed that the recipe is a keeper.

It was a good way to cap off a lazy Sunday during which I watched the Indians finally pull out a win. Cliff Lee is looking like the #1 starter instead of #5 at this point. If it takes snow for the Indians to win like they did today, I’m totally willing to put up with a few more weeks of crappy weather. Thank goodness Detroit’s awful start is taking off some of the pressure of our poor start.


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