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pay the man

Today I made the dreaded trip to the post office to drop off some fat checks to the federal, state and local governments for my taxes. I sold a number of stocks last year to get cash for my down payment on the house, so my tax bill this year was not pretty. But ultimately it means that I made some nice profits, so I guess I shouldn’t be too mad. I didn’t enjoy the full parking lot and line out the door at the post office, though I’m sure it will only be worse tomorrow. I just hope that next year I’ll be filing early so I can collect my fat refund that I am hoping my house has entitled me to.

I skipped the gym today to go the post office & library, so I came home and cooked dinner #2 from my new Ellie Kreger cookbook, The Food You Crave, a Black Bean Mexican-Style Pizza. It took me a while to get it ready, because I’m still a little slow in the kitchen (thanks to my anal-retentive exact measuring compulsion), though it was far from difficult. I enjoyed it, though was no super impressed, though Kristy on the other hand really liked them. So it looks like this recipe is a keeper as well.

I’d also like to share a new band I found over the weekend, Frightened Rabbit from Glasgow, Scotland. Very good stuff, with a new album that was released today.


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