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dumb luck

I managed to finish today’s run without passing out, which is a feat that I’m quite proud of. It was in the low 80s, though the difficulty had much more to do with the insane humidity than the heat. Less than a mile into my 10 mile run, I was just covered in sweat that seemed to go nowhere but in my eyes. I am normally a sweat hog, but today was over the top. My shirt was soaked immediately too, so it was no help in wiping the sweat away. But I managed to overcome the humidity, a rare but very necessary bathroom break in one of the park’s lovely outhouses, and a quick depletion of liquids from my CamelBak to actually finish my run at a 8:18 minute per mile pace, surprisingly besting my training plan’s goal of 8:25.

Speaking of training plans, I don’t think I’ve actually told many people yet that I am training to run this year’s Akron Marathon…though the half-marathon, not the full. I had not planned to do anything this fall since I’m getting married at the end of August and then going on a lengthy honeymoon. But, my fiancee Kristy decided a few months ago that she wanted to train for her first half-marathon, so she managed to talk me into doing it too. No, we will not be running it together. My pace is quite a bit brisker than hers at this point, though I’m sure she’ll catch up to me someday. It’s a little weird training to run only a half, but I do like looking at my training plan and not seeing any of those dreaded 18 and 20 mile long runs.


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