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Race Report: Shamrock 15k

A little late in putting this together since the race was last Sunday. But I spent the past week in Colorado Springs for work and did not get around to writing it, or doing much else. I ended up just logging one run during the week, and then a long run of 16 miles today, which did not go very well. My legs feel like mush, painful mush, at the moment. Hoping I am able to walk tomorrow. Thinking my spinning class is out of the question.

Anyways, last Sunday, March 5th, was the Shamrock 15k in Cuyahoga Falls. It is run by the Summit Athletic Running Club and this was the 3rd time I was running it. I am always hesitant to sign up for it because the weather this time of year is very unpredictable. Last year, it was sunny but cold. This year, no sun, still cold, and 4+ inches of snow the night before. Luckily the course was well cleared by the noon start time. The course is also the toughest race course I have ever run. You start off on a mostly downhill trend, going down into the valley, run flat for a mile or so, and then climb back out before flattening out for the last few miles. Looking at my mile split times, can you guess which mile has the worst hill I’ve ever encountered in a race?

Mile 1 – 7:32
Mile 2 – 7:38
Mile 3 – 7:29
Mile 4 – 7:36
Mile 5 – 8:55
Mile 6 – 7:53
Mile 7 – 8:04
Mile 8 – 7:32
Mile 9 – 7:26
Last .3 mi – 2:11

So, if you guessed mile 5, you’re a winner. No, it’s not a typo. I went from 7:36 to 8:55. That hill is so nasty. I ran the whole thing, but I might as well have been walking given how short my stride was. I feel sorry for anyone running the race for the first time and turning the corner and encountering this hill. It’s enough to make any runner’s jaw drop. Anyways, I made it over the hill and climbed up the next 2 miles after that and then logged my fastest mile in mile 9, which is always a good sign. In fact, after the first two miles, no one passed me except for a couple of guys running together, who I then overtook again (much to their surprise) in mile 8, and then I picked off a few more runners in the last mile. So I felt great, but when I crossed the finish line in 1:12:10, I couldn’t help but be disappointed as I missed my time from last year by 5 seconds.

Here’s how my results stacked up to the other runners:

– Men, 30-34: 6th of 16
– Overall: 55th of 231

Not sure if I will squeeze in any more spring races before the Cleveland Marathon on May 15th. Might look to do a 5k or 10k on one of my lighter long run weekends. I don’t really know of any other local 15k races, so it looks like I’ll have to wait another year to take a shot at my 15k PR.


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