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i know you, i knew you

Wow, two posts in one day. I think that is a record. Well, after my first post today, I was bored, so instead of cleaning the house as I should have been doing, I decided to mess around with the template of my blog. So what you are seeing now (unless you’re viewing me via RSS feed), is quite drastically different from what I had. After looking at what I had before, I realized it kind of gave me a headache after looking at it, between the bright colors, lack of organization, and just way too much going on. So the template, for now, is pretty minimalist. I found one that uses some cool (albeit simple) Ajax functionality to expand and collapse the sections along the right side. I make my living as a computer programmer after all, it’s about time I have something geeky on my blog.

So there is still some tweaking that will be going on over the next month as I try to settle into my new template and try to make my blog more personal. While I am somewhat limited by the technological constraints of having a free Blogger blog, I want it to look like a little more effort was put into it than the millions of other cookie-cutter Blogger sites out there.

It is also worth noting that this week will mark 4 years since I started this blog. I’ve gone through some pretty long stretches with minimal posts, but overall I enjoy doing it, as it gives me a little bit of a creative outlet, and helps me stay connected with friends and make new connections. So hopefully there will be many more posts over the next year, and maybe even a fifth anniversary party…for me and all 5 or so of my regular readers.

So this blog and new design is a work in process, so any feedback, both positive and negative, is more than welcome. While I am a computer programmer, I am by no means a designer, so I’m kind of reaching around in the dark when it comes to stuff like this. So any advice would be warmly received. And thanks for reading and giving me a reason to keep up with this.