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crossing line

A few weeks back I was at Borders wandering aimlessly, trying to figure out how to spend a gift card from a couple Christmases ago. Ultimately, I ended up in the cookbook section and stumbled across the new cookbook from the Food Network’s Ellie Kreger, The Food You Crave. She is sort of the “healthy” cook on the Food Network, and since I’m always looking to eat a little better, I checked it out and saw some recipes that seemed easy enough that I could handle, given my slightly-better-than-beginner cooking skillz.

So today, I finally got serious and picked out 3 recipes and wrote down the ingredients on my shopping list and picked them up on my trip to the local Acme in Hudson. Tonight was recipe attempt #1, the Fettuccine with Creamy Red Pepper Sauce. After getting over my frustration that the jar of red peppers were not completely de-seeded, and the fact that I didn’t know how to operate Kristy’s food processor, things went pretty smoothly and we agreed that the recipe is a keeper.

It was a good way to cap off a lazy Sunday during which I watched the Indians finally pull out a win. Cliff Lee is looking like the #1 starter instead of #5 at this point. If it takes snow for the Indians to win like they did today, I’m totally willing to put up with a few more weeks of crappy weather. Thank goodness Detroit’s awful start is taking off some of the pressure of our poor start.


just one small request

Since today is my birthday, I think I have the right to make a request. I would like to ask the Cleveland Indians to fulfill this request, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I just want them to win tonight’s game against Boston to earn a spot in the World Series. I feel good about their chances to win the series, but it would be really nice to do it tonight. I think I heard that they haven’t clinched a playoff series at home in like 87 years, so it would be nice to have a party here for once. And it would make it a birthday to remember for sure.

I do have one other small request, that I’d like to be filled if they have the chance. That would be to stick a fastball in the ribs of Manny Ramirez. The Indians were for the most part dismissive of his antics from Tuesday night, when after hitting a home run, he stood and watched the ball until it landed before flicking his bat, raising his arms and proceeding to casually stroll around the bases and congratulate himself like he had just hit the game winner in game 7 of the World Series, seemingly ignorant of (or unable to comprehend) the fact that his team was still down by 4 runs. Like Indians radio announcer Mike Hegan said right after he did that, if someone had done that back when he was playing, next time up they’d be picking themselves up out of the dirt. I’m sick of everyone saying “it’s just Manny being Manny”. No one should be excused for continually being a moron.

Song of the day:The Plot” by White Rabbits

lazier than usual sunday

A special thanks to Trot Nixon for breaking the tie last night and leading the Indians to a 13-6 win over Boston, and allowing me to finally go to bed around 1:40am this morning. I sat around for 5+ hours and watched about 95% of the game (I nodded off a bit through parts of the 8th & 9th innings). These marathon playoff games are wearing me down. Last Friday, I was at the Indians 11-inning victory over the Yankees, and it was honestly a very physically and emotionally draining game. For almost all of the last 2 hours, we were on our feet, clapping, cheering and yelling, usually to seemingly no avail, at least when the Indians were batting. But I did get a second wind once they won the game, which helped me to survive the crush to get on the RTA train back to where we parked.

I’m anticipating a rough week coming up, With games Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night, I don’t think there is going to be much sleep to be had. Though I’m not one to complain when the excitement of an Indians win makes it hard to fall asleep.

just like old times

Last night was the first game of the ALDS playoffs, and the Indians crushed the Yankees, 12-3. So much for the Indians losing all 6 games to the Yankees during the regular season. I won’t have to hear that stat again until the Indians win the series and the national media focuses on another Yankees meltdown, instead of their opponent’s success.

I will be honest and admit that when the Indians traded to bring Kenny Lofton back a few months ago, I was less than impressed. I thought it was more of an attempt by management to bring back nostalgia instead of trying to ready a team for a playoff run. Lofton proved me wrong last night, leading the offense and knocking in four runs. I’m glad I was wrong about that move. I guess that’s why I don’t get the big bucks to make those decisions.

I’m taking a half day off of work today to head down to the game this afternoon. I have not-so-great seats, but it’s just so much fun to be down there. Plus I don’t have cable TV, so I can actually see the action today instead of staring at the radio like I did last night. I just hope their bats still have some spark in them like they did last night.

Last night of summer

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First pitch

I spent the last night of the summer of 2007 doing my favorite thing I can think of doing on any summer night, going to a baseball game. Kristy scored some sweet seats to the Cleveland Indians game against Oakland, so we headed down to Jacobs Field. The weather was perfect, but the same can not be said for the game, as the Indians fell 9-3, so we missed out seeing them clinch the division title (which they saved for this afternoon…bastards). But the seats were great (we missed getting nailed by a line drive foul ball by about 3 feet), and the weather was perfect.

Hopefully it will not be the last game we see at Jacobs Field. Unfortunately, I read that the naming rights for the ballpark are up for sale to likely the highest corporate bidder. Hopefully it’s something that doesn’t sound as stupid as Quicken Loans Arena, though pretty much any name change is going to suck. I hate this trend of selling naming rights to big corporations. The stadium is completely plastered with hundreds of advertisements. Does the stadium name itself have to be one too?

I did manage to score tickets to the 2nd home game of the Division Series playoffs, so hopefully I’ll get to go down and see them in action again in a couple of weeks. I was able to see them last time they made the playoffs in 2001, when they lost to Seattle. Hopefully the results are better this time around.

This morning, I did the final “long run” of my 16-week marathon training program. It was just a simple 8 mile run and it went well with no problems. The Akron Marathon is now just over 5 days away. Trying not to think about it too much.