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germ farm

I recently realized that I’m becoming a bit of a germophobe. I’ve taken to washing my hands many more times a day than I was previously used to, started using those cleaning wipes on stuff at work, and even bought my first tube of hand sanitizer. Despite all of this, I still managed to acquire a very nasty virus this weekend which left me laid out except for frequent trips to the bathroom.
I blame it on work. Despite the fact that a lot people at work seem to be hoarding enormous stockpiles of time off, there are always a number of very obviously sick people that show up each day. Couple this with the fact that the only thing seperating us from people on both sides is about 2-3 feet of air, and it’s not a good situation. Add in the mounds of food that magically seem to appear each day that everyone hovers around and manhandles, and things look even grimmer. At this rate, I think I need to start coming in with a mask and gloves, at least during the winter.