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exact to me

Well, I tried. Watching the presidential debate that is. I made it through about a half hour before I could no longer stand it. Both candidates were giving the same canned responses and arguments against the other that we’ve seen in news clips & commercials a hundred times already. Politics really make me sick, a feeling which has intensified greatly during this election, and all the crap that has been going down over the past week. I’m still going to vote, but it’s sad that I can never really find someone to vote for that I like, I just vote more out of greater dislike for the other guy.

It is about my bedtime. Yes, 10pm on a Friday night, how lame. Normally I would stay up later (well, honestly just a little bit), but tomorrow morning my wife (a term I think I just wrote for the first time) is running her first half-marathon @ 7am tomorrow morning in Akron. So for the first time I will be a spectator at a running event, trying to find ways to amuse myself during the 2+ hours I have to stand around. But I am excited for Kristy and this event that she has trained for hard for over the past few months. I’m totally expecting to feel very weird being there tomorrow, not participating. Hopefully it will provide a spark of motivation to get me out of the current running funk in which I have found myself, and maybe I will be out there again competing next year, trying to break my personal best which I set on that same course a year ago.

Pardon me now as I have to go locate my cheerleader outfit to wear tomorrow. Go Kristy!