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empty seats

Sorry for the lack of posts. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been semi-sick with a cold, which has been extremely annoying. I’m to the point where I almost hope I get full blown sick in hopes that it can finally go away then. These 30-degree temps at night haven’t been helping me feel any better. I’m not ready for winter to begin the first week into October.

Kristy did awesome in her half-marathon last Saturday in Akron. She finished in 2:22, which is quite a bit under the 2:30 pace that she targeted with her training program. She is fairly happy with the result, and is already looking forward to her next one, which is still to-be-determined.

I’ve been trying to catch some of the baseball playoffs, though everything is a disappointment so far except for Tampa Bay. As much as I wanted CC & the Brewers to do well, I oddly ended up feeling slightly happy when I heard that he choked again. It would be a hard pill to swallow if he carried the Brewers on his back to the World Series after not showing up for the Indians last postseason.

Most of this weekend is going to be spent painting in the basement. Our basement is currently an eye-hurting shade of fluorescent green as it was apparently a children’s play area for the previous owners. And with the first brush of paint, the conversion of the basement to man cave will begin. I already have what Kristy has termed the “man room”, a large 4th bedroom which I’ve taken over as my office/tv room, but it’s time I add a cave to my collection. She can have the rest of the house.


Screw Home Depot, Long Live Lowe’s

Now that I’m a homeowner, I find myself frequenting the home improvement stores just as often as I frequented malls when I was a teenager. Unfortunately, most of the things for sale here are a lot more expensive than the window shopping I mostly did at the malls back in the day. In the battle of the home improvement stores, I initially gravitated towards Home Depot since I have family that works there. But Home Depot has done it’s best to turn me off.

When I was finalizing the purchase of my house, I picked out a washer & dryer, the only appliances the house did not come with, and purchased them 2 weeks before move-in day, and scheduled them to be delivered the day after I moved in (which was 2 weeks ago today). So come the day before move-in, the delivery company that Home Depot outsources their deliveries to, calls and says the washer & dryer are backordered and won’t be available for another week and a half. So very reluctantly, I rescheduled the delivery for the next available Saturday, March 8th. So this morning they called to verify the delivery, so I thought I’d finally be able to catch up on my laundry this weekend. Well, this afternoon, on my drive home from work, I get a phone call from guess who, telling me they canceled all of their deliveries for tomorrow due to the snow storm forecast. So I would have to wait yet another week to do laundry with the appliances I had paid for a month ago.

I’m usually a pretty passive guy, but that was the last straw for me. So I got home, logged onto Lowe’s website to see what they had to offer, and found I could actually get the same washer & dryer cheaper, and delivered the next day! So it wasn’t a hard decision to make that I was going to go to Home Depot, cancel my order and swing by Lowe’s and give them my money instead. Home Depot didn’t try to talk me out of it, which is a little surprising. I would think they’d be trained to try to persuade a customer not to cancel a nearly $2000 order, but either they didn’t care or no one ever told them they should.

So tomorrow morning, I anxiously be awaiting the delivery of my first washer & dryer. It has been a while since I’ve done laundry with halfway decent appliances that don’t require me to feed quarters into them. But alas, if the “blizzard” they are forecasting lives up to the forecast (not very common around here, the bigger the hype, the smaller the “storm”), Lowe’s actually delivers on Sundays too. Screw you Home Depot. I’m a Lowe’s guy now.

home sweet home

Long time no see. Things have been a little busy lately. Three weeks ago today, I made an offer on a house. Three very busy weeks later, I closed the deal and got the keys today. It was very surreal today to watch the realtor leave and realize I was alone in my own house. We had our first meal together in the house tonight, made another trip to our new most visited store, Home Depot, and got things ready to start doing some painting tomorrow. Moving day is in a week, so we have lots of packing and tidying up to do in the next few days. It feels good to know we are now putting money towards a house instead of sinking it into apartment rent. I realize that all of the real estate news on TV these days is doom and gloom, but we weren’t looking to time the market. Getting married later this year, we wanted to be settled in a house first, and we came across this house and both loved it. And we don’t plan on moving anytime soon. Hopefully not for a long time to come.