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House of Jealous Lovers

It’s been a good weekend so far after a pretty busy week. This working out 6 days a week plan is hard to stick to, but I have managed to do it two straight weeks in a row now. Prior to that, I was finding I was having trouble getting in that 3rd run of the week, before the weekend’s long run. And I had missed my Monday night spinning class for several weeks in a row. But today I capped off a second straight 6-day workout week with a very hard 90 minute hot yoga class that left me about as exhausted as a run twice that long. My wife bought me a new yoga mat and a package of classes to the nearby studio she has been going to for a while, Yoga Lounge, in Hudson. So that is our new Sunday thing to do together. She is way better at yoga than I am, but I hope to keep slowly improving over time.

As far as running, I logged just under 25 miles this week, capped off by a 7 mile “race pace run” on Saturday, that went great. I’m usually pretty bad about holding a steady pace, but with the help of my Garmin I managed pretty well. My current race target is 3:40, which would replace my current PR of 3:44 which is now 3+ years old. So that means an average pace of 8:23 per mile. No matter what I tell myself, I typically fall into the trap of starting off too fast and then crashing at the end. But I am going to do my best to stick with a pace group this time. Fortunately, Cleveland does offer a 3:40 pacer.

As far as my rewards for running, I did enjoy some fine brews this weekend. On Friday night, I cracked one of my recent purchases, the limited Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. It is a double IPA, which is one of my most favorite styles. I enjoyed it, though it had a pretty boozy taste to it. While beers of this style usually have a pretty high alcohol level, often the alcohol taste is more masked than it was in this case. Other than that, which wasn’t even necessarily a bad thing, just unexpected, it was a solid beer. Saturday night, my wife and I ventured up to the Tremont Taphouse. The food was really top notch, with a daily special of duck confit sauerkraut balls as an appetizer, and a burger w/ white cheddar, fried egg and tomato, lettuce, onion and a side of fries, which was seriously one of the best burgers I have ever had. Paired nicely with a Heavy Seas Black Cannon. Have only been out there a couple times before, but it has definitely earned some future visits after last night.


Today’s title comes from the song by The Rapture, which happened to come up on my iPod during the last few minutes of my run on Saturday. Great song to run to, though I found I had to slow myself down as running to the beat led me to going faster than I should have been.


over and over

A number of months ago, I did what I said I wasn’t going to do again for a while, and registered for another marathon. I think my hope was that it would prevent the wintertime hibernation that I have a tendency to go into. Well, unfortunately it didn’t work too well, and now I’m trying to play catch-up and get my body somewhat prepared to run 26.2 miles.
This morning I experienced quite possibly the most boring 2 hours of my life. Since it had stormed last night, and the trails I normally ran on in the park would have been swamp-like, I had to use my backup training plan and head to the fitness center and run on the track. A 200 meter track. For 14 miles. So around and around the track, well over 100 times, in just under 2 hours. I’m surprised I didn’t manage to fall asleep during it. But I managed to get it done, which is the important part. So now the plan is to get in 16, 18 & 20 mile runs over the next 3 weekends, and hopefully make it to the finish line on May 18th at the Cleveland Marathon.
Yes, it is a little strange that I ran 5 other marathons before actually attempting Cleveland, the one in my own backyard. I think a big part of it was it’s springtime date. Up until the past few weeks, it’s been really cold outside on the weekends, and my body is not happy running in the cold, so training has been really difficult. I only managed to do what I did today indoors because I knew it was pretty much essential for me to get this run in, or I’d probably be wise to give up on trying to run the race in 5 weeks. So while I might say again after this one that I’m not going to run another, I’m most definitely going to think twice before doing another one in the spring. The big reason for me attempting it this year is because I’m getting married in August, so after spending 10 days in Jamaica for my honeymoon, I don’t think I’ll be able to pick right up where my training left off.