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Tax time

I used to look forward to tax time every year, and couldn’t wait to get all of my statements in the mail so that I could get my taxes done and wait for my big check from Uncle Sam. That was until I started investing more. Now, I tend to hold off until March, fearing that instead of receiving a check, I’ll be writing one. I figured that would be the case this year, but to my surprise, I’m actually getting a return. A whole whopping $55 from the Feds.

Unfortunately, I’ll be taking that return and adding a little extra to it to send to the gang down in Columbus, because I owe the state of Ohio. You win some, you lose some. I guess I should be happy though, because according to the financial “experts”, I came pretty darn close to “break even”, meaning that I didn’t give the government a big interest-free loan by letting them hold onto my big return for a year. I don’t imagine they were able to make much off my $55. Maybe someday, especially once I take on a mortgage, the government will get back into the habit of writing me those big checks like they do for a lot of other people.