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that right ain’t shit

Today is was back to work after 5 days off. We headed out to St.Louis this past Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving at my parents. It was the typical trip, with lots of cable television watching and eating. I watched my first MTV in about 5 months, catching up on “My Super Sweet 16“, the best/worst show on TV. In a way, the show is produced to be a sort of mockery of the kids getting these insane parties because it highlights their whiney, self-centered, pathetic lives where they cry if daddy won’t get them the Range Rover they wanted, but instead they have to settle for a Benz. But in the end, it’s sad when you realize that hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted on these parties, money that could have done so much more somewhere else.

Also on the subject of TV, I was very disappointed with “Man vs. Wild” which is a lame knock-off of ‘Survivorman‘ (which I recently discovered rules). And after a few friends strong recommendations, I’m finally on board with ‘30 Rock‘ after watching about half of season 1 via Netflix’s streaming video service the other weekend.

I also managed to score some tickets to the Cleveland Indians home opener over the weekend. So this year’s game will make my 5th straight opener. I was hoping to see the Indians do more in the offseason than just sign a Japanese relief pitcher, but I suppose there is a long time between now and spring training. But when I read the Yankees re-signed A-Rod, and are now in talks to get Johan Santana, I start getting nervous.

Tonight’s blog post title comes from the song “That Right Ain’t Shit” by The Books. Watch a live performance of this song here.