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lively and refreshing

This evening I went out to dinner with my parents and a few of my cousins and enjoyed one of my favorite Missouri things, a Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer. Even though Boulevard Brewery is actually located in Kansas City, it’s pretty easy to find places across all of Missouri that have their beer on tap. The Boulevard Wheat is a citrusy beer that is very light in color, though cloudy in appearance, and is supposedly the “top selling craft beer in the Midwest”. It is also noted that it is reminiscent of turn of the century wheat beers that were produced before the advent of modern filtration. All I know for sure is that it is good stuff that I wish I could find easily in Cleveland.

I don’t claim to be any sort of beer expert, though I think I could be classified as a bit of a beer snob. I rarely drink much alcohol at all, but on the few occasions I do, I always try to find something other than the standard Bud/Miller/Coors fare. I’m a huge fan of Cleveland’s own Great Lakes Brewing Company which is always the safe bet for me. My favorite is their Burning River Pale Ale, though the Holy Moses White Ale, Dortmunder and Christmas Ale aren’t far behind, though I’ve never tried one of their beers that I’ve actually disliked. I’m always a big fan of Woodchuck Draft Cider, Bell’s Amber Ale (out of Michigan), Brooklyn East India Pale Ale and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember at the moment.

So when it comes to choosing a beer when I’m out, I’m usually somewhat picky, but I’m always open to new things. I know what I like (IPAs, wheat, ciders, rice, hefe weizen), and what I usually don’t prefer (dark – anything I can’t see through, fruit-flavored). So I usually try to pick something within those guidelines, and I always try things from local brewers when I’m in new cities. If the pickings are slim and I really want a beer, the safe, more mainstream beers for me are Sierra Nevada, Samuel Adams seasonal, or Heineken.


the end of holidays

Christmas Day is now in it’s final minutes here in the Central Time Zone, and overall it was a good day. It’s the first Xmas I’ve been away from the Cleveland area in a long time, which is a bit weird. Even though I’m at my parent’s new house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. But it’s nice to see all of my family, including extended family, who I only get to see a few times a year now. A little snow would have been nice, but near 50 degrees and sunny is good too.

The trip has been pretty relaxing, with the exception of the flight in which was over an hour late in leaving Cleveland. We then spent 30 minutes sitting on the plan and wandering around the tarmac in St. Louis after landing, trying to find a gate to pull up to. I’ve been lucky to have good flight experiences for the most part over the years, so I guess the laws of odds say this was bound to happen. I spent a few hours on Saturday being overwhelmed by the 100+ channels at my fingertips thanks to satellite TV. At times it makes me want to get cable, but it also makes it painfully clear that it would easily become a vacuum for my free time. I managed to find a very interesting series on the Discovery Channel, entitled Everest: Beyond the Limit. The series follows a group of climbers trying to scale the toughest mountain in the world. It really sucks you in, in part because you want to see if something will go wrong, and in part because you want to see if these people can actually do it. Definitely worth checking out.

I also finally went to a St.Louis Blue hockey game. I’ve been a Blues fan since I was in college, and have been to 2 NHL games previously, in Detroit and Dallas, but this was my first time seeing the Blues in person. My brother scored some great seats and it was a great game, as the Blues won 3-2 in OT. I’m hoping to make it to my first Cardinals game in the new Busch Stadium next time I’m in town. I saw more games in the old Busch Stadium than probably most people in St. Louis.