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back to the future

Yesterday at work, I got a new (well, a different) laptop as our company moves off Windows 2000 and onto Windows XP, about 7 years after it was released. Better late than never I suppose. The only bright spot for me was getting a different laptop with a better processor, and more memory and disk space. I went from a big clunky HP that I’d had for 3 years, to a slighly less clunky Dell. The only downside was going from a 15″ to a 14″ display, though I have a 19″ LCD to hook up to at work, so it’s not too big of a deal.

It serves as a good illustration of what it’s like to work at a big company. At my previous job, with an IT department numbering less than a dozen, things were a lot more flexible and we could fairly easily upgrade and try out new things (once they’re proven somewhat stable, obviously). Meanwhile, at a big corporation, things move at a snail’s pace, and there are tons of red tape and processes and committees and meetings about meetings. It can get very frustrating at times when I sit and think about it, so obviously I try not to. Companies of both sizes have their pluses and minuses, which I’ll save for another time, and I don’t see myself going anywhere anytime soon, so I don’t give it much thought. It is just days like this that remind me of that debate.