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The Last Living Rose

Last night I checked out the new local high-end burger bar, Flip Side, in downtown Hudson, OH. It was pretty good, with a good craft beer draft selection. Look for a full review soon on Cleveland Hops. (UPDATE: 1/24 – My review has been posted.)

Tonight I am off for a big company winter party at some fancy hotel out on the east side. I have to get all dressed up, which I’m not a fan of. But there is lots of great food, fake gambling (for raffle tixs), and two free drinks. Woohoo! Hopefully they have a better beer selection than my wife’s company’s holiday party that had Bud Light & Heineken. Otherwise, I hope they can serve me up a White Russian. I’m not big on booze, but can’t go wrong with The Dude’s drink of choice.

So the title of this post comes from a new PJ Harvey song, from an album that comes out in a few days. I have been a big fan of hers for a long time. The video is directed by Seamus Murphy and features mostly photographs he took while travelling. Word is he is doing a video for each of the album’s 12 songs. The second video, for a song called ‘The Words That Maketh Murder’, is available already also, and is quite good as well.

PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose from Radioalterno on Vimeo.



Last year, I stumbled across a great new TV show on FX (home of many great shows, I’m discovering), called ‘Louie‘ which is a semi-autobiographical show from comedian Louis CK. It took me a bit to get into his style, but I got hooked and zoomed through all the episodes quickly thereafter. Looking forward to the next season.

Last night, I watched the recently released stand-up DVD from Louis CK, called ‘Hilarious’. I got it from Netflix, and it sat on top of my TV for two weeks (which is actually much shorter than most DVDs sit in my house before being watched), only to find out today that it’s available in it’s entirety on YouTube, uncensored, and broken up into 6 parts. Here is a link to Part One (skip to 1:30 to avoid the opening credits). Not for the easily offended.