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when i live my dream

We returned late Friday from our honeymoon in Jamaica. It was a lot of fun, and 10 days was long enough to where you really felt away from everything and could let loose and enjoy yourself. It is the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, and I could get used to doing that more often.

So to use a very cliché saying, tomorrow feels like it is going to be the beginning of the rest of our lives. This weekend flew by, trying to get caught up, unpacked and ready to go back to work. So tomorrow it begins, the routine, going back to work, doing what we do like before, except married. I don’t really feel different (besides this ring on my finger which I cannot stop fidgeting with), but tomorrow is really the start of our life together now that things are getting back to normal.

I will try to post soon about how much fun Jamaica was, along with more pictures from the honeymoon. We ended up being without internet access the last few days of the trip, which was actually sort of a good thing, because I didn’t need to spend time doing the same thing I can do at home. I have posted a few more wedding pictures today, though I still need to get up ones from the reception. Also, in the mail we received a DVD from our photographer, Rob, with a slideshow of our wedding pictures, which I have posted as a video below:
Kristy & Brad wedding from Brad L on Vimeo.


one out of eleven

Thursday night, Kristy & I headed downtown hoping to see the Cleveland Indians snap their 10-game losing streak, their longest in 29 years. It didn’t look good when Aaron Laffey gave up an early 2-run homer, but the Indians battled back and ended up spanking the 1st-place Devil Rays, 13-2. The weather was perfect, and the crowd, though sparse, was surprisingly enthusiastic given the Tribe’s current last place standing, which I was glad to see. We have tickets to the game tonight, but currently the weather forecast isn’t looking so great. Which sucks because tonight is supposed to be their big Rock n’ Blast fireworks show, which I am particularly looking forward to since I missed seeing any fireworks last weekend.

Speaking of baseball, I’ve seen this video of a minor league manager video going nuts way too much over the past few days. It reminded me of my favorite manager meltdown of all-time, Phil Wellman of the Mississippi Braves AA team.