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Weekend on the go

Lebron shooting free throws
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Another Sunday night, mourning the end of the weekend. A very fun weekend it was. We spent most of the day on Saturday at the Fabulous Food Show at the I-X Center, taking in lots of free food, wine tastings, and cooking demos from various “celebrity chefs”, including “Iron Chef” Cat Cora (who is much more attractive in person than on TV). It was a good day to spend indoors as it was very rainy and grey outside, as is typical in Cleveland this time of year.

Saturday evening, we headed downtown to watch the Cleveland Cavs take on the Boston Celtics. Kristy scored some primo tickets which put us only a few rows behind the Celtics bench. It was the best seats I’ve ever had for a basketball game (by far), and it made the game all the more interesting. Well, that and the fact that the Cavs made an amazing comeback from being down 25 points to win the game, 94-93. It was probably one of the most exciting games of the year even though things didn’t start looking remotely good until late in the 3rd quarter. I’m very glad that we stuck it out. The atmosphere reminded me of the Indians games back in the late 90s when they used to sell the place out every night and people spent almost as much time on their feet as they did sitting. And to top it off, the Browns and the Steelers both won today in good games.

Today I went out on a 12 mile run in the Metroparks. A little bit chilly, but it made for a nice, quiet run. And for those who think I’m a little crazy with all this running stuff, check out Dean Karnazes who just last weekend finished doing 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. And what does he decide to do to follow that up the very next day? Start running back to his home in San Fransisco…..from New York! Yes, this 3,000 mile odyssey (follow it here) is very Forest Gump. Seems a bit much to me. But then again, I’ve never enjoyed minor celebrity and had to figure out ways to extend my 15 minutes of fame.


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